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Everybody loves Curious George, the mischievous monkey, but no one knew the harrowing story behind his creators' narrow escape from Paris two days before the Nazis seized control of the city until I became the pathfinder and pieced together the true chronology of their flight. I spent many years of research, travels, and writing and I had encouragers along the way. This is one of the most important books that I've written because it chronicles an amazing piece of history. Allan Drummond's vibrant artwork is perfect for the text … I never tire of looking at each page of color. HUZZAH to Allan!

With Allan in Baltimore after we gave a talk about our book. With Allan in Baltimore after we gave a talk about our book.

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"In 1940, Hans and Margret Rey had to flee their home as the German army advanced. They began their journey to freedom on bicycles, pedaling to southern France with their children's book manuscripts among their few possessions. One of these manuscripts went on to become Curious George, the tale of that inquisitive monkey who is one of the most enduring characters in children's literature. The Reys' story is now told in dramatic detail in The Journey That Saved Curious George."

"Published more than sixty years ago, Curious George continues to amuse, teach, and entertain children today. Readers who have loved George for generations and those just making his acquaintance will be intrigued by the thrilling story of his road to publication.

"Louise Borden combed primary resources, including Hans Rey's pocket diaries, to tell this dramatic story. Archival materials— photographs, train ticket stubs, letters and cards—introduce readers to the world of Hans and Margret Rey, and Allan Drummond dramatically and colorfully illustrates their wartime trek to a new home. Follow the Reys' amazing story in this unique large-format book that resembles a travel journal; see for yourself the route the Reys took as they traveled to freedom.

"A stirring, uplifting, and elegantly packaged saga."—Publishers Weekly, starred

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